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Manifest Men – Damon Danilo

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new manifest men scene here. We promised you some more special updates and here we are to deliver on that promise without delay. This time you get to see the hot Damon Danilo in action and he’s quite happy to get to show you his ripped body too. You know fully well in what we deal in and what you get to check out every week too. We make sure to make this your go to place when it comes to hot muscled studs getting to play kinky and this manifestmen scene is no different either! So hold onto your pants and let’s get to see Danilo all naked and showing off his cock and muscled body to you!


Just like all of the others around here, Damon is very very adept at showing off his body and he prides himself on exposing everything from the very start. Which basically means, that he came in all naked from the very start of this show. But anyway, that’s just great as you get to see his whole ripped body exposed straight from the start. And throughout his little naughty scene, you get to see him showing off as he works out with the aid of his equipment that’s laying around to see those muscles in some nice action too. Do enjoy the whole thing as always and come back again soon to see more. And maybe check out the past updates for even more great stuff!

Watch here this jock showing off his ripped body!

Zeb Atlas

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back. We promised you a new and hot manifest men show here today and here we are delivering on it in style we say with one of the best looking gay studs that you can see. And we’re sure that he needs no introductions, but just in case, and if you haven’t read the title, this stud is none other than the mighty Zeb Atlas, a gorgeous stud that is quite adept at teasing everyone with his amazing body and today you get to be the target of his teasing. The manifestmen site is made all the better thanks to his posing here today and you just have to check out Zeb taking his time to tease you all with his nude body and big cock today!

So let’s begin his amazing scene by checking him out making his entry in a grand way with him getting to show off the skimpy outfit that he had on. Rest assured that when it comes to Mr Atlas here, that doesn’t stay on his body for long. He’s as eager to get naked as you are to see him do that and the whole set of clothes pretty much comes off in a flash revealing that hairy muscled body that you love to see showed off. On top of flashing his hard dick and his big muscles around this show, you will also get to see him play with himself and it’s quite the show as you can expect. Well have fun with Zeb and come back soon for another incredible and hot show!


Take a look at this hunk flashing his hard dick!

Manifest Men – Cody Miller

Rest assured that you came at just the right time to get to see another amazing manifest men party hard for this afternoon. The guy’s name is Cody Miller and if you will recall, he was present in another show here in the past and he had lots of fun exposing his amazing body for the cameras and you all back then too. It seems that he’s back for a juicy encore this afternoon and he knows how much you adored him last time. So because of that, in this scene, the guy is fully set on showing off his best manifestmen show ever. Take the time to sit back and relax as you get to see the guy exposing that juicy nude body for you once more in his gallery here!


Well, the hot guy Cody makes that entry as he bast knows how, and of course it involves him already getting to undress for you as he gets wild. He is quite eager to get naked too and he spares no time in getting naked and wild for you all to see and check out. He is quite the expert at showing off that hot body to you all and he knows that he is purely dreamy too. He expertly shows off not only his body but also that nice cock of his and you can take the time to properly explore his scene to check him out playing with himself in this one for pretty much the whole thing. Do enjoy the show and see you all next week with a brand new show!

Check out this ripped jock showing off his hot body!

Sexy Xavier

You want to see more manifest men getting dirty and kinky? well as always you’re at just the right place to experience that this afternoon. The name of the guy is Xavier and you can bet that he’s going to appear in more future scenes as well, since he was just so amazing this afternoon. But anyway, coming back to this scene right here with him, you can check out the hot stud having some solo fun for you and it’s pretty intense and sexy too. We can tell that you’re all eager to get to see this man getting to play with himself in the manifestmen scene here and let’s just get it on the road as there’s quite a lot of images in his amazing scene here!

He makes his entry in a pair of orange shorts and he seems intent on showing off right from the start. See him walk around flaunting that amazing muscled body as much as he can. And as he takes a seat, watch as he slides the pants aside and shows you his mighty fine cock too. But he wasn’t done with just that level of teasing of course, so watch him do sensual and sexy poses as well as he gets to play around. He shows off everything to you and he knows that you will love it. So yeah, we figure you’ll agree that he’s a must see in future scenes as well, but for now just enjoy this one. We’ll be back real soon with another update for you. Bye bye until next time!


See this ripped hunk flaunting his dick!

Manifest Men – Christian Adams

Another new and fresh week and time once more to see a sexy and kinky manifest men scene with another great guy showing off. For this week you can enjoy seeing Christian Adams, a superb male porn star that knows how it’s done and he’s more than happy to get to show off to you guys and gals here today. His body was ready to be exposed and you can rest assured that there’s plenty of images in his gallery where you can see the guy going wild and getting to expose himself properly for you so that you may check out each and every single inch of his stunning muscled body. Well let’s get the manifestmen show going and see what’s going down!


This is one of the ripped jocks that know’s what’s what and is very very willing to show you a good time as he gets to play himself without delay. So let’s get right to the action as you can check him out starting to undress from the relative little clothing he has and see him touch himself all over. Especially when he gets to reach down to his cock while he’s playing as he seems to be getting more and more exited and implicitly harder and hard. So yeah, you get to see him do a bit of jacking off as well in this one. But the whole gallery as a whole is a must see plain and simple and he knows it. So enjoy the view and come back again next week to see more!

Watch here this ripped jock posing naked!

Vincent Marco

For this week’s new manifest men scene we have a bit of a special one for you. The guy you get to see get down and dirty in this one isn’t just a muscled stud that gets nasty. No, this guy is actually a professional football player and he’s brought his ball to play with in this scene too. Let’s get to see some pretty amazing shows with this amazing guy and you can see some more juicy galleries with another shredded body getting exposed. And we bet that you just adore every scene that we get to bring you with guys like this. Well anyway, take your time to enjoy the manifest men show as usual and check out this jock exposing his muscles and cock for you today!

Oh and on top of the usual things, you may think he’s all new to this, but rest assured that the guys around here taught him well on how to be a tease as well. So he went in with a lot more experience that you can expect for a first timer to go in with. Anyway, it still makes for great scenes here to check out so rest assured that you still have plenty to see in this amazing show for the afternoon. Well, sit back and watch the scene unfold as he gets to play with himself and the ball all throughout the whole thing and we bet that you will be very very into what he gets to do with himself today. We’ll see you soon once again as per usual with a new scene!


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Manifest Men – Caleb Del Gatto

In today’s manifest men scene we kind of wanted to brig you another muscle man that has gym workouts as his primary goal. So yes, in this new scene you get to see another bodybuilder show off just how perfect the male physique can be with enough hard work put into it. His name is Caleb Del Gatto and get ready to be blown off by another simply juicy and stunning show with him in particular as he takes his sweet time to get to show off every inch of that amazing body of his today. We are sure that this amazing manifestmen scene here will be with you for a long time once you get to see him get fully nude today!


Well once we get started, Caleb comes in and he looks really ready to get to party hard for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the sight of this amazing guy getting undressed and like we said, reveal his big bulging muscles bit by bit in this gallery. He takes his sweet time as he knows by now what you like seeing around this parts and takes the time to tease with every sensual and sexy pose that he gets to do for your viewing pleasure. Either way, do take your time as usual to fully enjoy the amazing nude posing and flexing around and see him proudly showing off his rock hard dick as well in this one. We’ll see you again soon with another fresh one and another hot stud!

Enjoy watching this ripped jock showing off his dick!

Vic Rocco

Hey there everyone. It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means. The manifest men show is back in black with more superb galleries that you can check out and some more mighty fine studs with shredded bodies that get to play and expose themselves for you all to see and check out here for the whole duration of the show. Anyway, this time we want to introduce you to Vic Rocco, a more mature stud, but still a very very hot looking one as he gets to party hard in this one and expose his whole naked body to you this afternoon. Let’s get right into the middle of this one as we bet that you want to check this manifestmen scene out!

Well, it looks like Mr Vic here took to the last guy’s party scene and gets to show off his amazing body outdoors too. He on the other hand isn’t posing in his back yard as he wanted a nice and open area to get to play in this afternoon. And as you can probably tell from the preview here, it’s quite the deserted outback. We most definitely hope that the dust wasn’t a problem, but the one thing that holds is that this scene is truly amazing. Do take your sweet time to fully explore and discover each and every single image in his gallery and enjoy the truly amazing and juicy show that he gets to put on for you all here without delay too. See you soon!


Take a look at this ripped hunk posing naked!

Manifest Men – Ben Kieren

Hey there guys and welcome back for more manifest men. It is time to check out another amazing looking stud as he gets to play nasty for you and the cameras and you can bet that it’s another one of those scenes that are a must watch to say the least. So anyway, the name of this stud is Ben Kieren and he has this afternoon reserved specially for you and him as he wants to show off his body while he gets to sit on his lawn chair in his back porch. Let’s take the time to check out a pretty intense and sensual manifestmen scene with another juicy and sensual and amazingly hot muscled stud undressing for your viewing pleasure. So with that being said, let’s just get right on with the amazing action.


Well as the show begins, the guy makes his way out of the house and goes straight to the solitary chair that he has sitting on the porch. Check him out as he gets to take a seat and once he gets to be settled in it, the little clothing that he had on gets removed and he gets to fully expose that amazingly hot and sexy body to you all here. Watch closely and see the stud taking his time to pose as well as he wants to show off every angle of that muscled bod for you too just like all the other amazing guys around this site. So do take the time to properly enjoy this scene and we’ll be back again soon enough with another gallery for you to check out!

Check out this ripped hunk posing naked outdoor!

Tim Adonis

Welcome back. There’s no mistaking it, we’re got another manifest men update for you that you can enjoy and you can bet that there’s a brand new hot stud getting to show off to you in all his glory. His name is Tim Adonis and we do have to say that he has quite the fitting name as well. He’s absolutely drop dead gorgeous and rest assured that he knows it fully well as well. Either way, today you get to see Mr Adonis here as he gets to play naughty and show off his body to you all without any delay in a superbly hot manifestmen scene. So get ready to have your world rocked by another smoking hot stud undressing for you all and the cameras this afternoon!

As he makes his entry, you can see, one of our hottest manifest men, Adonis is sporting nothing but a pair of Jeans and he knows that he has your attention from right then and there. So once he starts to get going, you can see him first and foremost make work of those torn up jeans. As good as they look on him we bet that you will agree that he looks much better without them. So when he pulls them low enough, you can see his cock standing nicely at attention and eager to get toyed with too. He will be getting around to do that too, but first he needs to do his posing. Anyway, do take the time to enjoy this one as all the rest and come back again next time to see another fresh update!


Enjoy watching this jock stripping off!