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Mitchell Rock

There’s some more juicy manifest men to check out this afternoon and you just have to see the show unfold once more as per usual. The guy here is Mitchell Rock and he is very very good at being a cock tease. So we bet that you all gals and guys will be falling in love with this stud at first sight. And trust us that it’s going to be really hard to resist his charmed if the thing you’re into is hot muscled studs. Well either way, you can rest easy knowing that his amazing manifestmen scene here today has plenty of images with him taking his time to get all nice and naked for you and he plans to show off as much as he can of his amazingly hot body too!

You can see that the horny Mitchell here fancies himself playing in a comfy bed as well. And since the only thing he was wearing for this naughty little occasion was his underwear…well he didn’t really have to do much stripping. But that of course only left him more time to get to parade himself around the bed from every angle and view point and pose in all manners of sensual poses too just for you. You get to see him play with himself as well, so do stick around to check that out as well. We’ll be seeing you all next week and we’ll have more action scenes that you can check out with even more muscled studs.


Watch here this hunk posing naked in bed!