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Manifest Men – Damon Danilo

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new manifest men scene here. We promised you some more special updates and here we are to deliver on that promise without delay. This time you get to see the hot Damon Danilo in action and he’s quite happy to get to show you his ripped body too. You know fully well in what we deal in and what you get to check out every week too. We make sure to make this your go to place when it comes to hot muscled studs getting to play kinky and this manifestmen scene is no different either! So hold onto your pants and let’s get to see Danilo all naked and showing off his cock and muscled body to you!


Just like all of the others around here, Damon is very very adept at showing off his body and he prides himself on exposing everything from the very start. Which basically means, that he came in all naked from the very start of this show. But anyway, that’s just great as you get to see his whole ripped body exposed straight from the start. And throughout his little naughty scene, you get to see him showing off as he works out with the aid of his equipment that’s laying around to see those muscles in some nice action too. Do enjoy the whole thing as always and come back again soon to see more. And maybe check out the past updates for even more great stuff!

Watch here this jock showing off his ripped body!