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Manifest Men – Ben Kieren

Hey there guys and welcome back for more manifest men. It is time to check out another amazing looking stud as he gets to play nasty for you and the cameras and you can bet that it’s another one of those scenes that are a must watch to say the least. So anyway, the name of this stud is Ben Kieren and he has this afternoon reserved specially for you and him as he wants to show off his body while he gets to sit on his lawn chair in his back porch. Let’s take the time to check out a pretty intense and sensualĀ manifestmen scene with another juicy and sensual andĀ amazingly hot muscled stud undressing for your viewing pleasure. So with that being said, let’s just get right on with the amazing action.


Well as the show begins, the guy makes his way out of the house and goes straight to the solitary chair that he has sitting on the porch. Check him out as he gets to take a seat and once he gets to be settled in it, the little clothing that he had on gets removed and he gets to fully expose that amazingly hot and sexy body to you all here. Watch closely and see the stud taking his time to pose as well as he wants to show off every angle of that muscled bod for you too just like all the other amazing guys around this site. So do take the time to properly enjoy this scene and we’ll be back again soon enough with another gallery for you to check out!

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