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Manifest Men Rogan Richards in Debut Video

Last updated: June 21st, 2017
Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to another superb and sexy manifest men video update. In this one you can enjoy the company of the sexy and hot stud Mike Buffalari. You got to see this stud again in the past and to see that particular scene and this stud once more just click here everyone. Anyway, this fine week he comes back due to popular demand as you guys just adored him in his last scene. He said he was more than happy to get to show off his sexy muscular body once more without any reservations. And so we have this new video scene with him as he gets to play with himself once more. So let’s get started shall we?

The cameras start rolling and the dude was all ready to show off. TO begin, he starts off clothed in a nice leather jacket and his jeans and he sure was eager to start playing. Take your time to see him teasing you as he undresses slowly, revealing more and more for you guys to see. After the whole tease, he gets to show off his cock pleasing skills as he starts to masturbate fast and hard for you as he also moans in pleasure. Enjoy his self pleasing scene and see him shooting his load all over himself too. We will be back as usual next week with more amazing and hot manifestmen galleries for you to enjoy! If you wanna see other muscled gay guys getting naked and jacking off, check out the site! Have fun!

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Manifest Men Video -Ben Kieren Solo JO

Another fresh week and time for one more sexy and hot manifest men video update today. We decided to bring you another one since you guys adored the last one that you got to see. Well you can see another hot and sexy stud named Mitchell Rock as he gets to enjoy some solo pleasing sessions as well. Well coming back to this sexy stud’s nice and hot gallery for the afternoon, you can enjoy another superb and hot solo video with a superb stud as he gets to have some fun for your viewing pleasure. He set out to do some sunbathing in a private spot, but as you will see, the guy started to get horny and eager to please himself, and his cock got harder and bigger too.

The manifestmen scene starts off with him as he gets to lay on his back and do the said sunbathing session. Soon after he starts to touch himself all over and begins to also play with his cock too. Take the time to see him starting to jerk off on his nice and thick cock and watch him masturbating while he moans in pleasure. We know that you will just love seeing Ben as he gets to stroke that nice and fat meat pole of his all afternoon long and you can expect to see him here again in another future update as well. For now enjoy this particular scene of his and do check out the past updates as well to see some more amazing and hot stuff like Alex Marte butt or other sexy males pleasing themselves in some sexy solo scenes! If you wanna see some muscled gay guys fucking, check out the! Stay tuned for more!

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Mitchell Rock – Las Paridiso

Here we are once more with another superb and sexy manifest men scene for you guys to see. This stud is named Mitchell Rock and he is about to rock your world as one would say. This hot stud knows how to pose for the camera and that along side the fact that he has an amazing body is just perfection. Let’s get his show started and see this hot stud of a man in action as he gets around to show off and expose his sexy body to you guys without any more delays shall we? we know you are eager to see him as well.

The manifestmen scene has him posing in his bedroom for his superb scene and it’s quite amazing too. watch him undress as well and see him revealing that sexy and muscled body bit by bit for you guys to see and enjoy. We know that you will adore the treat. Sit back and enjoy watching him expose that nice and thick cock of his as well and enjoy watching him play with it quite a bit too. Of course, his jerk off session ends with him blowing a load all over himself and the bed too. Have fun with it and see you next time! If you liked this guy, cum inside the Eurocreme blog and watch other muscled gay guys masturbating! Enjoy!


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Mike Buffalari – Hard Young Muscle

This weekly manifest men update has another new guy for you to see. His name is Mike Buffalari and he just enjoys showing off. He also happens to be a surfer as he said that he just adores the water. Well this fine scene has him showing off his superb body after a surfing session as he came back from the beach side. So let’s just see him in action as he gets to show off that muscled and sexy body of his for you guys to see and enjoy today. We know that you will have the time of your life seeing him in action today.


Like we said, the manifestmen scene starts with him just as he returned from his little surfing session. And after taking off that wet suit that was perfectly emulating his body you get to see it up close and personal. Take your time to see the stud as he gets to show off some more for you, presenting his cock for the camera and see him posing around. After he was done with that you can see him dress up as well as he was about to take his leave too. Enjoy it today and do come back next time for another amazing and sexy scene! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, enter the blog and watch some hot twinks getting naked and fucked in front of the camera!

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Manifest Men – Xavier

Manifest men is back once more this nice afternoon and it’s quite the scene to see with this sexy fresh stud. His name is Xavier and he is here to please and show off as well. Take your time to see this hot hunk in action and watch him as he gets to expose that nice and sexy body of his without delay as well. Xavier is quite savvy in showing off his body and posing for the camera and you, of course get to see it as well as you get front row seats to his nice and amazing show for this fresh week guys.

Xavier decided to have all the fun that he could in his bedroom and you can be sure that there’s quite some superb scenes to see this fine day with him. Watch as he undresses and poses around for you, going on with it until he just has his underwear on. Then he takes his spot on the bed and takes the briefs off as well as he reveals that his cock was rock hard too. Enjoy seeing him masturbating in front of the cameras and do come back next week as always to see some more new and hot galleries and hot bears! Have fun watching the entire update! If you’re looking for similar content, join the site and see some horny ebony t-girls jacking off their big cocks!


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Vin Marco – Skylight

Another fresh week and time for one more amazing and hot manifest men update today. This week we bring you the one and the only muscled stud with a sizzling hot body, Vin Marco. This tattooed guy is all inked too and we think that it just makes him look even more sexy today. He took his time to have fun with the whole thing this afternoon as you can probably guess and it ended up looking amazing too. Let’s get to see him at play without any more delays this afternoon and get his amazing scene on the road.


He also opted for a nice and hot outdoor manifestmen scene as well for the afternoon, but hey it’s summer so it goes with the whole thing anyway. You can bet that he made short work of his clothes as he was also eager to show off for the cameras and rest assured that you have quite the thing to see today as well. Sit back and watch him flexing his muscles and exposing his naked body for you all afternoon long for his scene today. Do come back next week for another amazing and fresh scene with more hot and sexy studs!

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Marc Scalvo’s Debut

Today you get another treat everyone. In this new and sexy manifest men gallery we bring you the sexy hunk named Marc Scalvo and you can bet that this stud was all eager to get to show off to you guys as well. Let’s get this superb and hot scene of his started and see him in action as he gets to show off that amazing and sexy body of his in all it’s glory for the afternoon today. It’s the most superb scene to date here and we are fairly certain that you will agree with us on this as well. So let’s get to it and see him in action.

His manifest men scene was shot indoors as the weather, still sunny, was a little bit cold, and we just wanted this guy to have no problem having some fun all by himself first. Anyway, the stud takes off his clothes and the body that he packs is quite amazing. He seems to have some hidden posing skills as well as he gets to parade and show off his body for you today. Enjoy seeing him proudly display that nice and big hard cock as well in his scene and have fun with this whole scene everyone. We will see you again next week! Until then, you can visit my first daddy site and watch some horny gay daddies in hardcore gay sex scenes!



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Manifest Men – Damien

This week brings you some more new and fresh manifest men scenes today. In this gallery you get to see the amazing stud named Damien as he gets to have some solo fun as well. You see, this guy is very horny when he gets bored and since he had the house all to himself this nice and hot afternoon he just had to do something about it. Let’s get started and see him in action as he gets to have some fun for you guys with his amazing and sexy body today shall we? We know that you will just love his little scene.


He does make quick work of his clothes as you can imagine, and soon after he gets to have his little fun as well. Take your time to see him doing his thing on the staircase too. See him starting to pose sensually for the cameras and you and then see him making his way down to his nice and thick cock as well. He was eager to please himself, so you can see him starting to stroke his meat shaft nice and fast until he manages to blow a load as well. Have fun with his scene and see you soon with some more scenes! If you liked this guy, check out the site and watch some older men wanking off in some great gay porn scenes! Also you can visit the site and watch some gorgeous men masturbating for the camera!

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Jake Genesis’s Debut

Hey there once more everyone. We come back with another superb and sexy manifest men update for you this nice afternoon. In this gallery you will get to see the newcomer Jake Genesis and his debuting solo scene for the afternoon. Jake as you will see is a muscled guy with a sizzling hot body and a appetite to always show it off if he has an audience. So strap yourselves in your chairs everyone, you are about to see some magic happen with this truly sexy and amazing stud. So let’s get started without due!

The manifestmen cameras start to roll and you can see that the guy decided to have his first photo session outdoors as well. He was in the privacy of his back yard and of course that meant that he could do whatever he wanted for the scene. Take your time to see him undressing from his sexy outfit and then watch him starting to play with his cock as well. When he has it nice and hard you can see him jerking off as well for you as he moans in pleasure. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we will see you next week! Until then, you can join the site and watch some dirty old guys getting naked and jerking off!

jake genesis manifest men debut

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Manifest Men – Damon Danilo

Hey guys! today we bring you a fresh and hot manifest men update with one amazing stud on camera. His name is Damon Danilo and he is one ripped man too as you can see. This hunk also gets to show off that nude body of his today for you and you get to enjoy seeing him have lots of fun with his scene. Like Angelo Antonio last week, this hunk also gets to expose his body and rest assured that he did the same amazing job of showing off just like his buddy. Anyway, let’s just get his show started as you just need to watch this hunk in action playing with himself and his superb body just for you and the cams.


As the scene starts off, this ripped hunk makes his entry. As you can observe, the guy took his time to pose and show off on the balcony and the setting sun sure made him look even sexier today. Anyway, you get to see him just in his briefs by the time the whole thing starts but we still think that that’s an okay thing too. Sit back and see him posing as he himself gets more and more horny, and eventually you get to see the stud as he takes off his underwear and shows off his thick cock to the camera and you too. Have fun with his scene and let’s hope we’ll have him around here in the future once more. Also you can enter the breed it raw blog and watch other muscled gay guys getting naked in front of the camera! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post,  you can enter the site and see a gorgeous gay guy having hardcore sex!

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